Warranty / Returns


Knickernappies BabyWe take great pride in producing the very best quality products possible. And we provide the best warranties in the business to protect your diaper investment.
~Heather & Shannon Hicks

Knickernappies warranties against defects, including snaps, elastic, workmanship, and parts. This does not include leaking, odors, or wear & tear. Warranty is extended only to original owner with proof of purchase. Baby Bum Drops are excluded because they are non-durable products.  Proof of purchase is required.

Diapers - 1 year workmanship
Inserts, doublers, liners - 1 year workmanship
Nursing pads, changing pads - 1 year workmanship
Mama pads - 1 year workmanship
Diaper Sprayers - 1 year parts
Baltic Amber necklaces, bracelets - 1 year beads & clasp
WolbyBug covers & wet bags - 1 year workmanship

Damage to PUL caused by bleach is NOT covered under the warranty. Bleach use results in cracked PUL, PUL with pinholes, and eventually leaking. The use of bleach on PUL products voids all warranties.

Products needing to be repaired or replaced under warranty may be returned directly to Knickernappies. Knickernappies will only repair or replace at our discretion; we do not give refunds. Products being replaced will be replaced with an identical product or the newest version of that product. Before sending in a product, send us an email with the following information:

    -Complete Address, Phone, and Email
    -Date of Purchase
    -Store of Purchase
    -Item Name
    -Quantity of item
    -Problem you are having

We will send you a return email most often within 24 hours.  If the item is defective and a return is deemed necessary, we will email a prepaid return label that you can print and tape to your package.  A copy of your receipt with your full name and full address must be included so that we can process your return quickly.  Our standards of customer service are high and we want to make the return & repair process as easy and pain-free as possible for you.

Returns MUST meet these standards. Returns not meeting these standards will be returned to you. Please inspect your products and be considerate with your return. We cannot handle products that are unsanitary.

  • Clean, dry, and free from odor.
  • Reasonably free of pet hair.
  • Free of mildew or mold.
  • Sprayer hoses emptied of water and packed into a plastic bag.

Once we receive the item, we will repair or replace and mail it back to you right away at no additional cost to you.

Thank you so much!
Heather & Shannon Hicks