Baby Bum Drop Sample


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Sample-Sized Baby Bum Drops
A convenient, natural diaper wipes solution for your baby.

  • Chemical free; no propylene glycol; no sodium laureth sulfate
  • No allergy-causing synthetic fragrances
  • Soothing and gentle to newborn skin
  • Convenient, easy to make & use with your cloth baby wipes
  • Safe, anti-bacterial cleansing for baby’s bum

Use Baby Bum Drops to make an all natural diaper wipes solution that is gentle and soothing to delicate newborn skin. Made with organic calendula blossoms and aloe vera to help soothe the skin and clear skin irritations. A natural glycerin soap base creates a mild cleansing action, and pure essential oils of lavender and mandarin help to create an aromatic calming atmosphere. Also contains anti-bacterial tea tree essential oil to keep your baby wipes fresh and germ-free.

Safe for use with cloth diapers.

How to use: Dissolve one Baby Bum Drop in a couple of tablespoons of very hot water. Then add 1 cup of cold water. Add this solution to your diaper wipes or a squirt bottle for quick, convenient cleansing of baby's bottom.

Ingredients: Organic calendula, aloe vera, natural glycerin soap, pure essential oils of lavender, mandarin, and tea tree. No proplyene glycol, no sodium laureth sulfate. No parabens. No phthalates.

Made exclusively for Knickernappies by Natural Family Botanicals.

Sample Size: 5 Bum Drops in a 3x3 zip top bag