Baltic Amber - Coastal Collection

Baltic Amber - Coastal Collection


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Inspired by the vibrant colors of the beach, we've created our first Baltic amber collection: the Coastal Collection.  Four designs each embody a particular beach theme.

  • Night Sea encompasses the silvery hues of the surf at night.  Created with labradorite, Lapis lazuli, and peridot, paired with unpolished cherry amber.
  • Beach Sunset evokes the dreamy "red sky at night, sailor's delight" with amethyst, red agate, cherry quartz, and rose quartz set against unpolished caramel amber.
  • Sea Glass is as unique as the real thing...the center bead is rainbow flourite, which can range from green to almost clear to purple.  Just as with a walk along the beach, each necklace is a little different.  Combined with raw lemon amber, aquamarine, peridot, and rainbow flourite (ranges from purple to clear to green), Sea Glass is a unique treasure.
  • Sandy Beach rounds out the collection with it's waves-washing-ashore colors.  Raw lemon amber with quartz, aquamarine, aventurine, and green turquoise perfectly capture the essence of the waves upon a beach. 

Every necklace is created with 100% genuine Baltic amber, known for its analgesic properties, and 100% natural gemstones which never lose their color.  Tied between each bead with silk cord, these necklaces are also CPSIA-compliant for safety and tested by an independent lab for authenticity.  


Directions for use: Wear against the skin under clothing. Not for chewing! Adult supervision is recommended at all times when baby is wearing necklace. We recommend removing necklace at night or looping it twice on the ankle under a sock.

Beads are small and each one is knotted individually for safety.  Our necklaces are CPSIA-compliant and meet EN-71-1 safety requirements.

Necklaces are approximately 12" long.
Made in Lithuania where the Baltic Amber is collected.

For more information about Knickernappies Baltic Amber necklaces, click HERE.