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Generously sized fleece liners create a stay-dry layer in any diaper. They also protect your diapers from rash creams and make cleaning messes a breeze. When used with a cotton or hemp diaper, the fleece will keep your baby dry so she doesn't feel the wetness.

Wolbybug fleece liners are large enough to fully cover almost any style of diaper. The 14x5 inch size fits an average diaper or cover from front to back and side to side.

To use the fleece liner, simply lay it on top of any diaper. It may be used with a prefold, pocket diaper, AIO, or fitted. It won't bunch up or slide around like many disposable liners and your baby will enjoy the stay-dry softness of fleece. If you are using the liner with diaper cream, I suggest using two liners for maximum protection.

Washing instructions: wash once before use. Liners may be washed and dried with your diapers. If very stained from rash cream, we recommend washing separately from diapers to avoid transfer of rash creams in the wash.

Liners are 14"x5"

Liners are sold individually.

100% polyester.
Made in China.