WolbyBug One Size Diaper Cover - HOOK/LOOP

WolbyBug One Size Diaper Cover - HOOK/LOOP


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Using prefolds and covers is the most economical way to cloth diaper your baby, but it can be hard to find the perfect cover. Until now...meet Wolbybug, sure to be your favorite cover! Now available with hook/loop closure!

WolbyBug Features:
  • Tuck flaps at BOTH ends of the cover - tuck a prefold, flat, or other type of diaper into the flap at each end to secure the diaper into the cover.
  • One tuck flap has elastic to more securely hold the diaper. This also accommodates not only prefolds, but also disposable inserts, pinless fitteds, contour diapers, and more.
  • Sturdy hook/loop closure with just the right amount of "stick", not too much, not too little. And keeps its stick wash after wash.

WolbyBug Covers make cloth diapering EASY. Simply tuck and go. Faster than stuffing a pocket diaper, more secure than just wrapping a regular cover over a prefold. No pins or Snappi needed (though you can use them if you prefer!) Perfect for daycare, grandparents, etc.

WolbyBug covers work perfectly with prefolds, flat diapers, contour diapers, "pod" diapers, disposable inserts, and cloth inserts made for "hybrid" diapers.


One-year warranty on snaps, hook/loop, fabric, and seams.

100% polyester

No latex, bpa, or phthalates.

Made in China.